Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Update

It has occurred to me that I have not posted anything all month (the last two don't count because one was technically a homework assignment and one was technically started back in, like, August). So I figured you Internet folk who actually read this deserve an update:

Let's see. Despite all the wonderful things that have happened at school these past thirty-one days, perhaps the most exciting part of October was going home.

For some reason, it's called "fall break" even though it's only one day off?

Thanks to fall break, I was able to visit my family and friends and house and dear old town for the weekend. It was absolutely wonderful to be home, not to mention being able to use the bathroom without having to vault over a massive puddle.

But fall break itself won't make for a very interesting blog post, so I'm going to talk about the actual process of going home.

Because we live fairly close to each other, a couple of my friends (yes, I have friends) and I decided to start a carpool, and my mom volunteered to come and pick us up.

My friends and I wanted to get home as soon as possible, so we (okay, maybe just me, but still) planned everything down to the last minute, like when we would pack our bags, when we would load the car, when we would grab food for the road, etc. Not going to lie, I was pretty excited to have an excuse to shout and be bossy. I was especially excited because my mom was coming in the Red Pearl, which is our red minivan, and I was very much ready to be all like,

Anyway, my mom left early Thursday morning and everything was going smoothly until she texted me casually saying that she'd been hit by a truck.

So that happened.

She sounded pretty calm over the phone...

... but I like to think that she was actually all like,

At any rate, my mom was fine* and she managed to get a rental car and came to pick us up. I was the last of us kids to get out of class on Thursday, and let me tell you, I was watching the clock (er, checking my phone) like a hawk all throughout math. As soon as the numbers changed to 2:45, I was like

before anyone could even react.

I then proceeded to race across the street, fly down the stairs like a superhero,

and pick up a warm box of Insomnia Cookies for the ride home.

And then we shoved all our baggage into the rental car and drove home, and the issue of the banged-up Red Pearl did not pain anyone for nineteen hours. All was well.

In other non-fall break related news, classes are still good, the campus is still beautiful, my housemates are as wonderful as ever (I was surprised at how nice it felt to come back after fall break!)... and I have embarked on a trend of progressively waking up later and later as the days pass. But fear not! I woke up early for midterms this week, and I am determined to continue to do so again next week. (Fingers crossed.)

Oh, and another thing: my family got me an African violet plant to keep on my desk. I am very excited about this but also extremely nervous because I am the worst possible plant-caretaker ever and this is the first plant I've ever been in charge of.

I'm also not a very good plant-drawer. Oops.

But so far it hasn't died. So that's a good thing.

*Alas, the Red Pearl was not. I'm pretty sure it's gone to Davy Jones's locker. If anyone's willing to brave the weird and haunted shores at world's end, let me know.