Monday, February 15, 2016

On Snow

One of the things I have discovered during my freshman college experience is that Baltimore is not friends with snow*.

Take today, for instance. When I got the "snow day" email, I expected there to be snowflakes piling over the entire city, burying everything and everyone in white fluff.

Instead, I looked out the window and saw this**.

Pictured: a path so lightly dusted with snow that you can't even see it in this doodle.
Also, those flurries are symbolic. There weren't even flurries.

At any rate, this snow day happens to be pretty good timing for me, because I have lots of (fun) (not really) work to do and I kind of needed a day during which no extra work is added to the pile.

The end.

(If this seems like kind of a filler post, that's because it is. Sorry not sorry.)

*Or maybe it's just because I'm used to my hometown. Because during that blizzard in January, my brother informed me that literally every town in the county cancelled school. Except ours.

**Although it actually is snowing now. So I suppose that counts for something.

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